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Wilcom Certified
We understand the importance of having the exact logo embroidered to satisfy our customers’ demands. That is why we promise exceptional quality digitizing by our team of experienced professionals. Your satisfaction is our first priority; we guarantee a full refund if you are not satisfied with a logo digitized by Moon Digitizing. We may ask you to provide a scanned sew-out, which is required by our accounts department to issue requested refund and to show our digitizers. Our customers are important to us, and we want to make sure that they get the maximum quality output from Moon Digitizing.

We are providing state of the art vector art services/Screen printing services at your convenience.

In vectorization we convert raster images/raster graphics to vector drawings.

You can send us any format to work upon… (JPEG or PDF etc…) We provide color separations and all….

For manipulating raster images before vectorization, there are several options.

*For some images using these options are recommended prior to vector extraction for producing desirable vector results.

These options include:

a. Conversion of Color to Grey Scale:
Conversion of color to grey scale will convert any colors in the raster image to the corresponding grey intensity. Vectorization may produce poor results for images which were scanned in color. Converting the color image to grey scale prior to vectorization may improve the resulting vector output.

b. Negation: Negation changes all the colors in the image to their corresponding 'photo' negative color. This is useful for a scan of a blueprint or other negative type original, where the lines are lighter in color than the background. Also, a negative image can be useful for the simple Edge Detection method when using a black and white raster.

c. Adjusting Brightness: Altering the brightness of a raster image can have a dramatic effect on the vectorization methods because it will change some pixels to background intensity.

d. Despeckling: The despeckle function is useful for cleaning up a dirty scanned image where there are dark speckles which are not part of the desired image. Performing vectorization on a despeckled image produces more accurate vectors and smaller vector documents with fewer vector entities.

NOTEWORTHY TO CHECK: We have strict standards of quality checks in place to make sure the high level of quality output is always maintained which is expected from us.

Our Vector artists are dedicated professionals available at your services. Any kind of image which is required in a vector format can be taken care of with-in 24hrs.

Please let us know the color schemes that you need along with the file formats. You can let us know about any other precise details on your designs as well.

We are providing with the best pricing for your vector jobs. Most commonly sought after vector formats are:

CDR (Versions x3, x4 or x5),

AI (VersionsCS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6), EPS. (JPEG and PDF formats are provided for presentation purposes as well).

Most asked for color schemes,

Pantone, CMYK, RGB.

Please check out some samples of Vector Jobs done by us in the past: